Wednesday, November 23, 2011

9/28/11 RD Bulletin: A Return to the Draft?!

ed. Ethan R. Rosenkranz

State of Play

Congress appears to have avoided the latest prospects of a government shutdown over funding levels for disaster aid at FEMA.  The House, which is in pro-forma session this week, will approve by unanimous consent a short-term Continuing Resolution to give lawmakers enough time to approve a longer CR that would fund the government through November 18.

This week, defense analysts and lawmakers are responding to a report put out by HASC majority staff late last week claiming, among other things, that sequestration cuts would require a re-institution of the draft and transform the U.S. from a global super power to a regional one.  Admiral Mike Mullen is retiring as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, while Panetta meets with Obama and Biden at the White House on Wednesday. 


Gordon Adams and others respond to McKeon's claim that sequestration cuts would lead to a re-institution of the draft.   (9/28/11) 

National Interest: Strength vs. Stupidity
Christopher Preble responds to the NYTimes editorial on reforming military benefits.  (9/27/11)

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) has submitted his own recommendations for $103 billion in defense savings to the Joint Select Committee.  (9/26/11)

House Armed Services Committee Republican Staff: Assessment of Impacts of Budget Cuts
HASC majority staff memo outlining the potential  impact to the Defense Department under a "doomsday scenario."  (9/22/11)

Other News and Commentary
Walter Pincus discusses Sen. McCain's opposition to slipping $10 billion in DoD base funding into the OCO account.  (9/27/11)

Analysis of the HASC majority report with a nice Winslow Wheeler quote at the end.  (9/27/11)

Opinion piece on reforming military health care and retirement benefits.  (9/26/11)

The Will and the Wallet: State Too
Senate Appropriators appear to have also shifted funding from the State Dept. base budget to the OCO account.  (9/26/11)

The Army plans on cutting almost 50,000 troops over the next five years, bringing active-duty end strength to 520,400 by 2016.  (9/26/11)

Gordon Adams rebuts claims put forth by a HASC majority staff report warning that the document is "deigned to scare people."  (9/26/11)

Article covers the HASC majority report conclusion that sequestration cuts would cause the Army and Marine Corps to reduce end strength by 150,000.  Larry Korb and Alex Rothman are quoted: "Wasteful defense spending does not make our country safer."  (9/26/11)

The House-passed Contiuing Resolution would cut $7 billion from current DoD spending levels and prohibit the department from starting any new weapons programs.  (9/25/11)

Reports and Releases