Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10/3/11 RD Bulletin: Critics Rock Defense Debate

ed. Ethan R. Rosenkranz

State of Play 

Combatant commanders were given a series of briefings at the Pentagon last week on the budget landscape as they provided input on potential long-term savings and investment reforms.  The Office of the Secretary of Defense continues work on the upcoming strategy review which will chart a fiscal path for the department for the FY13-17 budget window and may include cuts to programs and force structure.  Def. Sec. Panetta is expected to share elements of the upcoming strategic review and recommendations for cuts at a House Armed Services Committee hearing on October 13.  General Martin Dempsey took over as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Friday , replacing Admiral Mullen and becoming the first army chairman since General Hugh Shelton. 


A panel of defense analysts provide an adult perspective in the midst of budget cutting hysteria.  (9/30/11)

Winslow Wheeler offers a scathing indictment of the pro-defense "elite" in Washington. (9/29/11)

Harvey Sapolsky and Benjamin Friedman argue against waiting for a comprehensive strategy review to begin budget cutting at the Pentagon.  (9/29/11)

Other News and Commentary

While declining to name specific programs, a Navy admiral says high-tech weapons and sensors will soon become unaffordable given fiscal constraints.  (10/3/11) 

The Hill: Republican Hawks Use Sharp Rhetoric to Fight Deeper Pentagon Cuts
Gordon Adams retorts claims put forth by the HASC majority staff report while Republicans claim the "American way of life is at risk."  (10/2/11)

New JCS Chairman Dempsey disagrees with his predecessor that the largest threat to national security is the public debt.   (9/30/11) 

American Forces Press Service: New TRICARE Prime Enrollees Pay Adjusted Annual Fees
Beginning October 1, military retirees enrolling in TRICARE Prime will pay slightly higher annual fees.  (9/30/11)

Following the Senate Appropriations Committee's move to cancel the JLTV, the Army announces it's capping the cost of upgrading Humvees.  (9/29/11)

Former Def. Sec. William Cohen believes defense savings can create a more efficient military.  (9/29/11)

Baker Spring from Heritage discusses their proposal to freeze veteran's spending at current levels through FY15.  For a copy of Heritage's fiscal proposal, click here  (9/29/11)

Marine Corps leaders express frustration with defense manufacturers and list their priorities for the service as it seeks to cut costs.  (9/29/11)

A bipartisan group of representatives, led by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), is sending a letter to the Joint Select Committee urging it to curb defense spending.  (9/29/11)

Def. Sec. Panetta is briefing combatant commanders on the Pentagon's internal strategy review and soliciting ideas for budget savings.  (9/28/11)

Reports and Releases