Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10/12/11 RD Bulletin: Army Leaders Push Back

ed. Ethan R. Rosenkranz

State of Play

Legislative: House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon met last week with members of the Joint Select Committee and Congressional leadership in his drive to prevent further cuts to the armed forces.  Congressional committees are preparing recommendations for the Joint Select Committee in advance of an October 14 deadline for submissions.  Congress is in danger of failing to pass the annual defense authorization bill over contentious provisions regarding military detainees and the ability of military chaplains to perform same-sex marriages. 

Executive: Defense Secretary Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Dempsey will testify before the House Armed Services Committee this week and are expected to share elements of the upcoming strategy review while offering some recommendations for budget savings.  In his first major policy address yesterday, Panetta laid out his priorities within the budget debate, which include reaping additional efficiency savings, addressing military pay and benefits, ensuring the U.S. can fight more than one war at a time, and limiting the amount of porkbarrel defense spending.  Speaking at the annual AUSA meeting, Army Secretary McHugh and Chief of Staff Odierno argued against allowing the Army to take a disproportionate share of upcoming budget cuts while acknowledging that Army troop end strength will likely be cut. 

In his first major policy address, Panetta discussed his priorities and ideas for reducing the Pentagon's budget.  (10/11/11)

Beyond additional efficiency savings, Panetta is looking at end troop strength and personnel costs as major budget savers.  (10/11/11)
Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA) is leading the latest pro-defense campaign called "Strong America, Strong Defense," in opposition to looming defense cuts.  (10/10/11)
Bill Hartung argues that the new CNAS report highlights the need for a revamped national security policy.  (10/6/11)
HASC Chairman has met with the Speaker and members of the Joint Select Committee in making his argument against additional Pentagon spending reductions.  (10/5/11)

Other News and Commentary
Panetta warns that DoD budget cuts will likely impact procurement programs, which would cause a loss of jobs in districts across the country.  (10/11/11)
Army leaders warn that if end strength numbers are cut too deeply, an unforeseen crisis could strain the service.  (10/11/11)
In an ongoing series, Mark Thompson and a panel of defense analysts discuss the prospects for addressing waste, fraud, and abuse at DoD.  (10/11/11)
The head of Air Combat Command is quoted as saying "The OCO budget is intoxicating... You can get done anything you need to get done because all you do is ask for it and it shows up."  (10/10/11)
The Marine Corps is examining options for a new amphibious vehicle following the EFV's termination.  (10/10/11)
After Senate Appropriators' move to cancel the JLTV, the Army and Marine Corps have made some "creative progress" in moving forward with the program.  (10/10/11)
Army Sec. McHugh and C.o.S. Odierno argue against disproportionate budget cuts to the service.  (10/10/11) 

The Hill: Army: Budget Cuts Are an Opportunity
Army Sec. McHugh believes the service is better prepared than ever to implement budget cuts.  (10/10/11)  
More discussion on exactly how much the Budget Control Act mandates in defense reductions over the next decade.  (10/9/11)
Christopher Preble responds to the CNAS report rollout and the notion that the United States must be prepared to wage war anywhere, anytime.  (10/7/11)
Article examines Joint Select Committee Co-Chair Patty Murray's (D-WA) ties to the defense industry.    (10/7/11)  

The Will and the Wallet: Over and Over and Over, Again
J.D. Mateus looks at the most egregious offenders of the Nunn-McCurdy statute.  (10/7/11)
The U.S.S. George Washington may be the first carrier to fall to defense cuts.  (10/6/11)
Mark Thompson and a panel of analysts discus why it's so difficult to pare down the Pentagon's budget.  (10/6/11)  
In a letter to Panetta, Sen. Carper (D-DE) urges the Pentagon to find additional savings from waste, fraud, and abuse.  (10/6/11)
The Air Force is urging weapons contractors to be more "transparent" in order to reduce overhead costs.  (10/6/11)  
Profile of Sec. Panetta's evolution from House Budget Chairman to DoD Secretary.  (10/5/11)

Reports and Publications
A new NSN report argues that a shift in strategy will help produce larger savings with less impact on servicemembers and their families.  (October, 2011)

Office of Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics: Annual Industrial Capabilities Report to Congress  (September, 2011)

Upcoming Events
At 10:00 am on Thursday, Panetta and Dempsey are expected to testify on the upcoming strategy review and their recommendations for defense savings.